Thursday, August 5, 2010

I enjoyed the majority of the activities, some of them just weren't up my alley, but that is fine. I tried several things that I would never have tried before.

1. What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
I love Wordle, it will be a must in my class this year! Skye was really fun to learn how to use. I am now able to talk with my brother based at Camp Pendleton, CA face to face, so exciting! I look forward to using my new found knowledge of skype to use this year with my librarian!

2. How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
I don't know that it has change drastically changed my learning goals, but it has enhanced them. I have many more online tools now to add to my classroom especially when it comes to projects. There are so many ways to approach projects using the web and having fantastic outcomes.

3. Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
I think all the posting about the different aps for the iTouches is a definite take-away. You can spend way too much time playing at the Aps store, so now I read others postings and get some more ideas of good aps for class. I know once I play with slideshare some more and get the hang of it, I it will be great. I wasn't able to get the hang of it when I posted, but I am working on it!

4. What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
I am not sure I have any ideas. I really like the format and the concepts it teaches. I give it 2 thumbs up!

11.5 Things #11

I think out of all of the 11.5 Things, #11 is of most importance and applicable at any age when using the internet/computer.Here is my list of 5 things I would discuss with my students as we start off the year in the library using the itouches and computers:

1.Safety- Stressing the importance of safety when using the web! Teaching and instilling in them that they should NEVER give out personal information to any website or person on the web. Do not get into talk with anyone you don't know either. My students of course are 5th graders, so this is of high importance for me to share with them.

2. Good resources- Helping them to identify what would be considered good resources. I would most likely give them a list of kid appropriate websites at the beginning of the year and we could add to the list as the year progressed. As they better with understanding what a good resource is, I would allow them to start looking for other resources to help their research or topic of study.

3. Etiquette- So many times and email or posting can come across the wrong way even though it was not meant to be ugly. Teaching students proper web etiquette will help them to be polite and not get into a situation where something posted hurt another students feelings. I think this would be the easiest to teach and share. No body wants their feelings hurt.

4.Proper citing- This is a must! I always stress to my students if you use something from a website then you must give proper credit to the source. I always have a sheet for them to look at in order to properly cite the source when we start to do research.

5. Cyber Bullying- This topic was discussed in our library, but also we pulled in our DARE Officer to address the issue. As we saw this past year on the news this has become a major problem for kids. So we stress to them to tell an adult immediately, don't let it get out of hand. If you feel you are being being bullied online then let an adult handle it. There is no reason for bullying online or in person.

As for my lesson, I would have the librarian co-teach it with me. Based on these five things, It would take about 5 weeks t complete. We would address each of the topics above using an online computer cartoon guy. I can't remember the website our librarian used, by the lessons were good. After each lesson we could have the students go and practice proper computer usage.

Monday, August 2, 2010

11.5 Things #10

Ok, the whole Second Life thing is creepy to me. I don't have any reason, except this class to have a second life. I found it very confusing. I lost my iris' for a minute and looked as though I was possessed, then I couldn't change my clothes. I really didn't care for the outfit I had on. I am not a fan of this particular activity. I find it very strange that you can become some one else. Why, does one enjoy this? I know people do it escape the real world, but I am particularly fond of my life in the real world and have no need to be someone I am not. Thumbs down to this one. It has no reason for being in the classroom. I didn't think it was easy to understand the directions and trying to figure out how I got to China where I didn't even speak Chinese was really weird. I have experienced it for a short time span and will not go back. However, I did like my name.. Scarlet Turquoise!

Friday, July 30, 2010

11.5 Things #9

This was fun to navigate through and watch some of the videos. I know that I can use it i my classroom as a resource for many of the subjects. It is always nice to not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to ppt. I am not sure that my students could do this at the elementary level, but this would really be good for the upper grades in middle and high school. I was watching some different ppt when this one appeared. I will admit brought tears to my eyes, and made me think about the up and coming year the difference I will hopefully make in my students. I related to this video b/c I had a Teddy in my class last year. His family dynamics were not like Teddy in the video, but no one had believed in him before this past year and he had the best year he has ever had in elementary school. So off the subject of the topic, but relevant to our jobs.

11.5 Things #8

I will admit I am not a fan of this particle thing. I am not exactly sure how I would use this with my class. Maybe this is a middle or high school activity. I did a really bad screencast. It was short and had no relevance b/c I am not sure of it's use.

Not a fan of this activity. Maybe I need screencasting for dummies to understand it better. I read the different links, but they just didn't make sense to me. Now it isn't showing up in my post, not sure why b/c I copied and pasted the correct code. if there is one thing I can do is embed and file!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

11.5 Things #7

I love the PBS site. I have used it before in my class for social studies. I just discovered the under the sea videos. These are great when we are teaching environments and habitats. There is a killer whale video that is fabulous. It encompasses so many life science concepts.

Watch the full episode. See more Ocean Adventures.

I found another really good one for science- Kilauea, on Hawaii's Big Island, is the world's most active volcano. It would not let me embed it, but it was under the topic Exploring Science. Volcano videos are great for teaching land formations, constructions and destruction of land, along with the rock cycle. I am very excited about watching this video with my students. I know they will love it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

11.5 Things #6

I have an iphone, my husband has one, and my 8 yr old saved her money to buy an itouch. Needless to say I have spent way too much time playing with APs. My lists consists of APs we already had on my phone and some others that I searched. You can spend an unlimited amount of time searching so I limited my time to 20 minutes.
Here are some of the APs I found:
Math Drills Lite- flash cards

Alphabet Tracing for pre-k kiddo to practice his letter formation

K12 Timed Reading Practice- Help kids with their reading fluency using short passages that are timed

Shake'em Capital and States- a fun way to practice learning capitals and states by shaking it up on your iphone or itouch

Finger Physics- My 8 yr old daughter loves this game. You have to use strategy to figure out how to make the egg fall into the basket with out breaking. Each level gradually gets harder. Fun and strategy based.

We have itouches in our library, but haven't found the educational wow factor of using them. We really don't have time to play during the day, so we haven't used them. I don't think they are appropriate or doing research b/c the screen really is too small for multiple students to use much less one student be able to read the info on such a little screen.
If time wasn't an issue, I could see using them for math drills, working together like on the finger physics to try and get the egg in the basket, there are some board games that are math related that more than one student could play.